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9 Tips to Maintain Motivation and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Keeping your motivation high is an essential part of reaching any weight-loss or fitness goal. Losing weight is slow, and progress can be difficult to see at times. Motivation is personal. What works for others might require a little tweaking to be effective for you. Stay focused on all the progress you're making and continue looking forward. Each day, a small amount of attention and motivation can keep your spirits and expectations high.

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How To Build Strength With Hanging Resistance Bands

TLDR Stability training, or the Hanging Band Technique (HBT), can be used to increase the difficulty of a barbell exercise. It is an advanced training technique and should be exercised with caution. HBT is when you hang weights via resistance bands to the end of a barbell. This let’s the weight hang freely under the bar leading to instability as the weight bounces and sways back and forth. HBT is superior to regular lifting techniques as it sparks a higher amount of muscle fiber activation. If you want to build size, increase strength, and train insane HBT is the way to go! @myitfitness testing out stability squats! 🤯give them a shot! ##HIITit ##squat ##meonmyway ##fitness ##movember2020 ##noshavenovember ##fyp ##smallbusiness ♬ F Boy...

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MURPH - An Overview of the Most Brutal CrossFit Hero WOD

Every Memorial Day thousands upon thousands of Americans, athletes, service members, and first responders gather to honor our fallen heroes. Some gather in prayer, some gather in celebration, and others gather for a Memorial Day Murph workout. There is something about putting your body through 60 minutes of torture that really puts things into perspective. Because in the grand scheme of things, this small amount of sweat and suffering is NOTHING compared to what the men and women we gather for have suffered. In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, we completed one of the most iconic CrossFit workouts in history. This CrossFit WOD is a “Hero” WOD, which is a special type of cross fit workout in honor of a...

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30 Minute Ab Series to Six Pack Shredded Abs

View this post on Instagram A post shared by it Fitness and Performance (@myitfitness) on Nov 7, 2020 at 7:42am PST   EXERCISE 1Weighted Rope Crunches 3 Sets / 30 Repetitions (10 Left, 10 Right, 10 Center) This is a heavy exercise for abs. Your abdominals are muscles just like your biceps or triceps. They can grow in size just like your pecs, quads, and delts. But you have to give it the proper stimulus to spark growth. With weighted rope crunches it is important to keep your hips still while crunching. Too much hip movement detracts from the contraction in your abdomen. You will perform 3 sets of 30 repetitions total. Angle your body to the left and focus...

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