30 Minute Ab Series to Six Pack Shredded Abs


Weighted Rope Crunches
3 Sets / 30 Repetitions (10 Left, 10 Right, 10 Center)

This is a heavy exercise for abs. Your abdominals are muscles just like your biceps or triceps. They can grow in size just like your pecs, quads, and delts. But you have to give it the proper stimulus to spark growth.

With weighted rope crunches it is important to keep your hips still while crunching. Too much hip movement detracts from the contraction in your abdomen.

You will perform 3 sets of 30 repetitions total. Angle your body to the left and focus the crunch on your right side. Angle your body to the right and focus the crunch on your left side. Finally, finish with 10 regular, straight forward crunches.

Roman Chair Oblique Crunches
3 Sets
20 Repetitions (Each Side)

I usually grab a plate or a dumbbell and do standing side crunches (which are great if you don't have a roman chair!) However, when I want to get physical I sit in a roman chair and get to work!

A common problem people run into when doing standing side oblique crunches is they sway their hips back and forth too much. This detracts from the oblique contraction and limits your ab routine’s effectiveness.

Sitting in a roman chair keeps your hips in place and eliminate this issue. You’ll also notice you cannot use as much weight on the roman chair because of how strict in makes your form.

With our resistance band set you can get an intense ab workout routine at home.

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Overhead Plate Sit-Ups
3 Sets
15 Repetitions

These have recently become very popular in my gym and in my routine, and for good reason. These are going to build so much strength in your entire core. So do not skip out on these and make do them frequently your ab routine.

When using a plate, grasp the plate securely and hold it straight above you as you’re a lying down. Look through the center hole and keep looking through the hole as you sit up.

Keep the plate straight overhead the entire time and focus on keeping your core tight.

Standing Plate Twists
3 Sets
20 Repetitions

Your six pack abs need to have a solid frame. These plate twists will definitely help with that. It’s not enough to just have visible abs, you have to have the obliques around them to really show them off.

Focus on keeping your core tight and arms straight out in front of you. Avoid swinging the weight back and forth with your arms and aim to twist the weight back and forth by engaging your core.

Follow this 30-minute intense ab workout and you will be on your way to having strong, defined abs ready to show off. There’s no better way to show people how hard and disciplined you are then to show them the international seal of hard work, six pack abs!

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