9 Tips to Maintain Motivation and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Losing weight requires time, patience, and effort. There aren't any shortcuts to healthy, sustainable weight loss. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must commit to a long-term plan. This may sound intimidating, so here are 9 tips to maintain your motivation during your weight loss journey.

Tip #1 - Place your favorite inspirational quotes on your mirror or other common area.

A quick pick-me-up can save the day when your motivation is waning. It can also be an effective way to start your day. Tape a few quotes to the bathroom mirror. Doing the same on the refrigerator door can prevent a dietary lapse.

Tip #2 - Follow fitness companies or inspirational athletes on social media.

A lot of great content is delivered through social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Find a brand or athlete you admire, learn from them and look to them for inspiration and motivation.

Tip #3 - Keep track of your progress.

How will you know if your diet and exercise plans are effective if you're not taking regular measurements? There are many ways to track your progress. Use a notebook, excel spreadsheet, or even pictures. Find and use the one that motivates you the most.

Tip #4 - Use weight-loss jars as a visual reminder.

Keeping written records of your weight loss is an effective exercise, but sometimes it's difficult to appreciate a 2-pound loss in the mirror. Fill a glass jar with decorative stones or marbles. Each one is equivalent to a pound you wish to lose. Move your marker from the full jar to an empty one as you lose weight. It's exciting to watch the contents of one jar shrink as the other increases.

Tip #5 - Provide small rewards along the way.

It could be a bad idea to wait until you've reached your final goal to reward yourself. Begin with small goals to get yourself started. Dieting becomes more challenging after a while, so give yourself more significant rewards as you progress.

Tip #6 - Find a workout or weight loss buddy.

Losing weight can be a lonely process. Find a buddy with whom you can communicate regularly. Ideally, you can also find someone to join you for workouts. 

Tip #7 - Purchase new workout gear.

Some new workout clothes and shoes can inspire activity. If your workouts are lagging, a new outfit or new pair of shoes might be the motivation you need! We’ve got you covered on this tip. Check out our store for some comfortable merchandise you can wear anywhere!

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Tip #8 - List your reasons for losing weight.

After a few weeks of dieting, it's typical to lose track of your original motivation. Make a list of all the reasons you want to lose weight. No reason is too small or petty, as long as it's true. Do you want to look better? Improve your health? Fit into your old jeans? Write it down and review your list regularly.

Tip #9 - Hire a personal trainer.

Getting to the gym on a regular basis isn't always as easy as making up an excuse to not go. Knowing your personal trainer is expecting you at the gym significantly increases your incentive to show up. Also, when you invest money in hiring a personal trainer, it is very motivating to not let your hard-earned cash go to waste. This is often why free programs rarely work. With no financial commitment on your end, it is easy to throw it away. However, if you paid for the program, you will be more inclined to stick with it!

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Keeping your motivation high is an essential part of reaching any weight-loss or fitness goal. Losing weight is slow, and progress can be difficult to see at times. Motivation is personal. What works for others might require a little tweaking to be effective for you. Stay focused on all the progress you're making and continue looking forward. Each day, a small amount of attention and motivation can keep your spirits and expectations high.

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