Build A Wide Back With This Back Workout for Mass

-Warm Up-

I don’t plan on getting to much into this for this blog as I plan to write an entire warm up/stretching blog in the near future. Essentially though as it’s a back day I like to warm up with some pull-ups, light curls, shoulder rotations with some light weight. Just trying to get the body warm and loose before we jump into this thing really.

I like to start my workouts with my big compound lifts before I get into the smaller lifts.

-Compound Lifts-

Pendlay Rows
 5 sets of 6-8 reps

Pendlay rows are much like the bent over row with the exception of the weight being placed back on the ground between every rep. This is an explosive workout and keeps the weight off of the lower back for the duration of the entire workout. The weight being returned to the floor every time allows you to keep your upper body parallel to the ground enforcing good form.  This is a great exercise for strength building in the core and back and well are grip strength, so basically what I am saying is grip it and rip it!

Seal Rows
4 set of 6-8

If you have been following me on IG or FB you know this has quickly emerged as one of my favorite workouts on back day. This workout does take some set up, you need a bench and 2 boxes or something to elevate the bench off of the ground. This can be done with dumbbells or a straight bar, lately I have been doing just straight bar in an effort of a big back. This workout will force you to use only your back and arms to pull the weight up as your body is compressed into the bench preventing any cheating. I will be doing a video soon showing the set up and use of this workout.

Weighted Pull Up
3 sets of 8-10

This is pretty straight forward. Put some weight on and knock out some pull ups. Doing weighted pull ups will increase strength and make regular pull ups far easier. If you normally use a band to accomplish pull ups than today will be just a body weight pull up for you.

-Accessory Work-

Lat Pull Downs/Straight Arm Lat Pull Downs
3 sets of 8-10

I like to superset these sometimes to just ruin the lats. Go for a wide grip here on lat pull downs and a weight that forces you to struggle on the last couple of reps.

Single Arm Dumbbell Rows
4 sets of 8-10

I like these on an inclined bench really focusing on that lawnmower pull starting movement. Generally, I hold these at the top for a 1-3 second pause and lower the dumbbell all the way back down for a good stretch before exploding back up.


At this point my back is usually pretty spent. If it isn’t I will usually sneak a set of behind the head lat pull downs (my dirty little secret), I do a lighter weight here because of shoulder mobility and go for about 3 sets of 8-10.

Arms are something I haven’t been focusing too much on right now with cutting as usually I have an entire workout dedicated to just arms. Right now I am really just focusing on sculpting the shapes and cutting this body fat so I only hit 3-4 bis and tris and get out of there.

Definitely make sure you have saved some energy for this, don’t slack off because you are tired from the back workouts. If you need it bring some carbs or BCAAs to help give you something extra to push through this.

Incline Dumbbell Curls/Rope Extensions
4 sets of 8-10

Really focus on getting a good squeeze here at the top of the curl! I am really big on this curl right now because I can really feel the pump after this. Rope extensions are a classic tricep builder and I try to keep strict form and really squeeze these out at the bottom.

Reverse Grip Triceps Extensions/Rope Curls
4 sets of 8-10

I use the EZ curl bar for the reverse grip and it gives me better mobility. Rope curls on the cable are much like a hammer curl and these two together are pretty tough. This will also activate your forearms quite a bit. I try to limit my break time on these a little more than other work outs.

Single Arm Cable Curls/Single Arm Cable Triceps Extensions
4 sets of 8-10

Really focusing on slow steady reps on these really focusing hard on the squeeze on these and working on that mind/muscle connection. We will write a whole blog about this soon but essentially I want you to think about the body part you are working as you do these reps.

EZ Bar Incline Skull Crushers/EZ Bar Curls
4 sets of 6-8

I go with a heavier weight here and just use the same weight for both exercises. I once again cut the rest time out and try to make these burn as this will be my last workout for the day.

Usually at this point I am pretty well gassed out. If you have any questions, please contact us and let us know. Try this work out and give us some feedback. For How-To videos on these and other workouts, follow our Instagram @myitfitness!


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