Our Vision

it Fitness is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle. We live and breathe our brand and strive everyday to be better than we were yesterday. We want you to do the same! Whether you are just starting out or have been training for years we want to push you to achieve more..to be better than you were yesterday. We don't want to help you set goals, we want to change your MINDSET. We don't want to motivate you, we want to engrain the discipline within you so you get after it no matter what. We're all about getting shit done. Don't tell people what you want to do, just go out and do it.



What does it Fitness mean?

We came up with it fitness based on something we've said for years. Whenever a challenge was thrown out between the boys or whenever somebody said they really wanted to do something (typically something challenging and out of the ordinary) we would say "don't talk about it, be about it," meaning "that's cool you want to do that, but how about you stop talking about wanting to do it and just go out and do it." As we were deciding what to build our brand around, we couldn't think of any better motto to use than something we had already lived by all these years before. Thus, it Fitness and Performance was born!

Our Goal

We want to be a leader in personal training, fitness apparel, and supplements. In 20 years, we want kids to look at our logo how we look at Nike and Under Armour today.

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