Gym In A Bag - Premium Resistance Exercise Bands
Gym In A Bag - Premium Resistance Exercise Bands
Gym In A Bag - Premium Resistance Exercise Bands
Gym In A Bag - Premium Resistance Exercise Bands
Gym In A Bag - Premium Resistance Exercise Bands

Gym In A Bag - Premium Resistance Exercise Bands

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Say goodbye to expensive gym equipment!

These resistance bands are the most versatile, most useful bang for your buck piece of gym equipment available today. Buy your own resistance band set today for less than the cost of a gym membership!

These resistance bands are all you need. This is the perfect, at home gym resistance band set!

Use them individually for your typical resistance band warm up movements, or join them together for up to 100 pounds of resistance. You can hook them to any piece of gym equipment or secure them under your door at home.

Build muscle with our resistance band workouts!

Exercising with resistance bands is often overlooked. But resistance band training provides such an intense muscle stimulus that our bodies aren't typically used to. 

With over 100 resistance band exercises and up to 100 pounds of resistance, you will surely build muscle size and increase muscle tone.

Bicep curls, triceps extensions, rows, flies, shoulder press, deadlifts, and even squats. Any exercise you can do at the gym, you can do with these resistance bands! Chest workouts, back workouts, and leg workouts are all possible with this system. This resistance band set comes with comfortable handle attachments that allow you to do a full body workout anywhere in your home!

Want to do a resistance band leg workout?

We've got you covered! The Gym In A Bag resistance band set is fully capable to giving you a great leg workout. With the velcro strap attachments provided you can easily attach the resistance bands to your legs for a great leg workout.

If you have a set of our hip fire bands or the patterned hip fire bands, great! But if you don't, youre in luck! Why? You guessed it. These bands can do the same hip abductor exercises as those!

It might not be the squat rack you've always wanted but it works just as well. With over 100 possible exercises and anywhere from 10 to 100 pounds of resistance, we are sure you'll find everything you need in this on little bag.

Great with any workout routine.

Bodybuilding, crossfit, yoga, pilates, and more! This resistance band set will integrate seamlessly with your current workout routine. 

Exercise therapy with resistance bands.

Because of the low impact and low possibility of injury when training with resistance bands, doctors and exercise therapists all over the world use resistance band training to rehabilitate their patients after injuries and surgeries.

Strong, durable resistance bands and door anchor for your home gym.

Forget the cheap, and cheaply made resistance bands. These bands are high quality, and made of snap resistant material. They are ready for some intense workouts and will last you for years down the road. In the gym or at home, these resistance bands are ready to hand anything you throw at them! Our set also comes with a strong but soft door anchor attachment that allows you to secure your bands to the top, bottom, or side of any doorway. Our anchor is strong enough to handle the most intense workouts but designed so that it won't damage your door.

Ergonomic handles for comfortable grip.

We definitely didn't slack on the accessories for this set. The handles provided in this set are strong and comfortable, giving you a secure grip even during the most intense workouts.

Bring the gym to you with our Gym In A Bag resistance band set!


This resistance band set was designed with you in mind. Covering a wide range of skill levels and goals, these resistance bands are sure to give you the full body workout you're looking for. We back this product with our satisfaction guarantee policy!

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