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Hip Resistance Bands
Hip Resistance Bands
Hip Resistance Bands
Hip Resistance Bands
Hip Resistance Bands

Hip Resistance Bands

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Monster walks build big squats!

Build a bigger squat with these resistance bands. Get those legs on fire with these resistance bands. No leg day should go without them. Incorporate these bad boys into every warm up routine. It's time to fire from the hip!

Strong hips for a strong squat.

Big squats need strong hips. These bands are sure to take your strength training to another level. Incorporate these resistance bands into every leg day for massive gains. The little things are important. Gone are the days where we jump right into the squat rack and lift heavy with no regard to our overall health. Nowadays, we are focused on longevity and smart, targeted training.

Premium quality, slip and rip resistant material.

Only the best products make their way into the it Fitness store. You can rest assured that these hip resistance bands are exactly what you need for your gym bag.

Perfect for bodybuilding, Crossfit, yoga and many more workout routines.

Whether your looking to build a bigger squat, do some exercise therapy, or add to your yoga routine, the hip resistance bands we'll do the job.

Size Chart

Blue - Small: 62x8cm
Red - Medium: 72x8cm
Black - Large: 82x8cm

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